Dr Juliette Puig


Dr Juliette Puig is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who is registered with the HPC (Health Professionals Council). Her 14 years of clinical experience includes working with adults and adolescents with a wide range of difficulties, such as; depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, substance misuse and eating disorders.

Juliette is an empathic psychologist who works flexibly and compassionately. Her first aim when starting therapy with an individual is to develop a trusting relationship so they feel safe to share their experience. Juliette is passionate about customising therapy to individuals’ needs and selecting aspects of therapeutic models which would be most helpful. She incorporates elements of CBT and CAT into her therapeutic work and she is also a trained EMDR therapist.

Within Juliette’s clinical experience she has worked with both individuals and groups. She has also provided clinical supervision to other psychologists and therapists. Her clinical experience includes NHS organisations, the private sector and voluntary organisations. Within these sectors she has worked in an array of environments which include primary care settings such as GP surgeries, schools, secondary care adult mental health services and specialist inpatient hospitals. She also worked in private practise at Harley Therapy in London.


Puig, Juliette and Pummell, Beth (2012) ‘I can’t lose this match!’: CBT and the sport psychologist. Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, 8(2), pp. 54-62. ISSN (print) 1745-4980

Availability for appointments

Juliette offers regular weekly sessions. Due to COVID-19 restrictions these are currently limited to on-line appointments. These take place on Fridays between 9.00am to 5pm.

  • Standard therapy appointment, in person – £90 (60 mins)
  • Standard therapy appointment, on-line – £80 (60 mins)

Direct email – j.puig@norfolkpsychologicaltherapypartnership.co.uk

Professional registration

Juliette’s HPC registration number is PYL26726